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My Morning Routine

February 5, 2021

Hello friends and welcome back to the BJC blog! We are SO happy to have you here! Today I am diving into my morning routine as an entrepreneur. The reason this topic is so near and dear to my heart is because establishing a morning routine has absolutely changed the game for me. It’s improved my productivity, time management, and even my ability to crush goals week to week. Sit back, relax, grab a cup of coffee, and let’s tune in to my miracle morning!

5:45 AM

Wake up Good morning sunshine! Time to get out of bed. Typically I set one alarm and know that I HAVE to get up.

5:50 AM

Make bed and get dressed Making my bed is a game changer. I’m never prompted to lay down later on in the day if it’s made and I also experience my first win of the day!

6:00 AM

Breathing and meditation If you would have ask me a year ago if I would be a meditation gal, I would say absolutely not LOL. However, I have experienced so many benefits from slowing down your morning and taking deep breaths.

6:15 AM

Stretching routine Would highly recommend! Especially if you are an active person. There is one specific YouTube video I do every single day. It is linked below!

6:35 AM

Take morning supplements and mix bcaa’s Again, if you told me I’d be a supplement gal a year ago… I would have laughed in your face. However, here we are! I LOVE the way supplements have cleansed my gut and my body.

6:50 AM

Head to the gym and turn on one year Bible My big spiritual goal this year is to read the Bible in a year. It has been so enriching to dive in and learn more.

7:15 AM

Start fasted cardio I do fasted cardio every single day except Sunday. I am that oddball who actually loves cardio. Some of my favorite cardio activities include running, sprints, walking, cycling, elliptical, and hit workouts!

8:00 AM

Start weight training I also pair strength training with my cardio. I am on a workout plan called the metabolic reset which has me on a structured lifting plan.

8:45 AM

Finish workout Hardest part of the day – DONE! Winning before 9am.

8:50 AM

Get an iced tea for the day on the way home Best part of my day ahaha. If you do not already know this, I am an iced tea fanatic. Mostly unsweet with a splash of sweet!

9:00 AM

Shower and get ready What I wear typically depends on my schedule for the day, however I always get dressed. No pajamas, no sweats. In order to feel more put together and productive, it’s so important to put effort into your appearance.

9:25 AM

Eat breakfast Egg whites and peanut butter toast is my go to breakfast if am at home for the morning. It’s healthy, satisfying, and lasts me until lunch.

9:30 AM

Prayer and start workday Starting the day in prayer giving it to God helps me handle anything and everything that can come my way over the course of the day.

9:35 AM

Sift through emails Y’all – I cannot wait to share my email system. I have implemented a system that helps me go through my email in literally 10 minutes.

10:00 AM

Submit one shoot or wedding Submitting a gallery for publication can take forever. Especially if you’re doing it all in one day. My goal is to submit a shoot/wedding a day. This way it doesn’t take a ton of time, but when I look up at the end of the week – I’ve submitted 5!

10:15 AM

Prepare Instagram post for the day We all know captions, hashtags, and Instagram posts period can be exhausting. I start typing my caption earlier in the day, save it to my notes, and then post in the most popular time aka evenings.

10:30 AM

Scheduled time to complete tasks Anything I did not finish in my 10-15 minute email check, I will finish during this calendared time.

11:00 AM

Meeting 1 of the day I have two meeting slots during the day and aim to push all my clients to meet during my 11am or 4pm meeting slot!

What does your morning routine look like? How has having a morning routine affected you or your business? I can assure you having structure in your morning can vastly change you and your business. Last thing I will say is that the only reason I’m able to get up in the morning each and everyday to execute this routine is due to my evenings/night time routine. How are you going to be consistent if you don’t get enough sleep? I good morning routine starts the night before! Thank you so incredibly much for tuning in to the BJC blog. Until next time – many blessings!


Britt Jones

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