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Choosing A Wedding Color Palette

January 14, 2021

Hello there and welcome to the Britt Jones Co. blog! We are ecstatic to extend a warm virtual hug your way (yes, we are huggers). You may be here because you are newly engaged and looking for some direction? Or you may be in the midst of your planning process but lacking a direction with design? Or you may just be a lover of color? I mean, who’s not?

Today, I am going to give you 3 tactical tips to think about when selecting a color palette for your special day.


The first thing to consider when selecting a wedding color palette is the time of year you are getting married. This doesn’t absolutely HAVE TO correlate, but it is a good thought to consider. Typically, spring/summer leans more on the brighter side of the spectrum while fall/winter can be more neutral and warm. Have I absolutely done a bright pink wedding in the middle of January (YES), but overall trends suggest that many couples decide to factor in the season when picking out their wedding color palette.


A venue can definitely play a role in color selection. If you are working with textured walls and color within the space, this may effect your palette. If you are working with an all white, clean space, this may effect your palette. Like I mentioned it doesn’t HAVE TO, but it is a great factor to consider.


What colors speak to YOU? Is there a color that you always used in your bedroom growing up? Or maybe a color that symbolizes something to you? Choose a palette that genuinely reflects you as a person. For example, I always go back to the color pink. Whether its mauve, rose, or soft blush – it’s an incredibly easy color for me to work with.


If you still find yourself struggling with selecting a palette, try This unique website gives you access to all the trending palettes, a palette generator based on your preferences, and the opportunity to customize and save all the things you love. It’s truly SO much fun to play around with and where I am able to draw a lot of inspiration for upcoming projects!

Thank you for tuning in friends! Do me a favor? If you are visiting here, don’t be a strangle. Hit the follow button, send me a dm, and let’s connect! I ALWAYS love meeting new industry pros, brides, or just lovers of design. Until next time – bye friend!


Britt Jones

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